The Heartbreaking Tale of an Immigrant Student’s Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The story of the immigrant student Shreya’s wisdom tooth extraction is not just a tale of inconvenience and expense – it is also a heartbreaking story of the struggles faced by many international students who come to the United States or Canada.

Shreya when initially arrived in the US, she was full of hope and excitement. She landed in the US with a scholarship to study at a prestigious university and was determined to make the most of this opportunity. By contrast, her dreams were quickly shattered when she began to experience excruciating pain in her mouth.

She visited a general dentist who told her that her wisdom tooth needed to be extracted. However, when the dentist attempted the extraction, it got complicated as the tooth is not numb even after 7 shot of local anesthesia and she was told that she needed to see an oral surgeon. The dentist gave her a referral for an oral surgeon, but to her surprise when she called the oral surgeon’s office, the next available appointment was four days away.

In agony for those four days, she could barely eat, sleep or focus on her studies. She tried to distract herself by exploring her new surroundings, but this limitless pain was a constant reminder of her misery.

American Dream Flag
American Dream Flag

On the day of her appointment, Shreya endured a grueling journey, taking three different buses that spanned four hours just to reach the oral surgeon’s office. Upon arrival, she was already exhausted and suffering from terrible pain, but her its not over yet as she was asked to wait as the doctor is busy with another appointment. During the check-in process, Shreya told the receptionist that her insurance doesn’t cover extractions. She inquired about the cost of the procedure, only to find out that it would be a staggering $ 800 – a figure that was clearly beyond her limited budget. Shreya had been relying on her scholarship to cover her living expenses and tuition, and this unforeseen medical expense was nothing short of a nightmare, leaving her feeling devastated.

While sitting in the waiting room, tears ran down her face, feeling alone and helpless in a foreign country and thinking about how unfair it all was – how she had worked so hard to get here, only to be met with such hardship and suffering.

Finally, the Oral surgeon called her, and its time for the extraction, she was afraid and anxious and didn’t know what to expect, but she knew that she couldn’t bear the pain any longer. The surgeon was able to extract her tooth in just 10 minutes, but the relief was bittersweet. She left the office feeling drained, defeated and more isolated than ever.

Shreya’s experience with her wisdom tooth extraction is a reminder of the challenges many immigrant students who come to the United States face. It is a story of pain, isolation, and financial hardship but also a story of resilience, determination, and the pricey American dream. Despite her overwhelming obstacles, Shreya refused to give up on her dreams. She continued to work hard, study diligently, and persevere through her pain.

In the end, everything turned out well. Although she appeared a bit somber while recounting her story, she has since become a self-assured and intelligent healthcare professional, having overcome numerous obstacles and graduating with honors – a testament to her unwavering strength and commitment. Although she never forgets the difficult experience of her first two weeks upon arriving, it has also served as a reminder to extend kindness and support to others in need, particularly fellow international students who visit her at the hospital. She always goes the extra mile and strives to help them to the best of her abilities.


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